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Viganò: For Francis “All Are Brothers" - Except the Catholics

endoftimenews's picture Post date: 05-02-2021

Viganò: For Francis “All Are Brothers" - Except the Catholics

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Archbishop Viganò finds himself in the "grotesque situation" that the Vatican II Church allows denying the Trinity, Christ's divinity, the Suffrages for the dead Transubstantiation, and Our Lady's Virginity without incurring any canonical sanction, but if you don't follow Vatican II you are not with the Church.”

Accordingly, he concludes in a February 3 statement ( that the name of Francis' encyclical Fratelli Tutti ("All Are Brothers") should be changed into: “All are Brothers, with the exception of Catholics.”

It is extraordinary for Viganò that Francis condemns any criticism of Vatican II while he welcomes everybody else “regardless of their faith”. Viganò's conclusion, "Ecumenical openness, the Synodal Path, and Pachamama do not prevent the showing of intolerance towards Catholics whose only fault is that that they do not want to apostatise from the Faith.”

After Francis demanded “no concession” to Catholics critical of Vatican II, Viganò reminds him of his Amoris Lætitia "primacy of the pastoral over doctrine," and his Abu Dhabi desire "to build bridges, not walls."

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