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Catholic church

Irish government announces it will continue restrictions on Catholic sacraments

DUBLIN, Ireland, July 6, 2021 – The Irish government reversed its decision to allow baptisms, first communions and confirmations to take place in July. 

Müller Still Confused About Two "Popes" Situation

The Church still lacks the "appropriate form of thought and language" to distance herself from the heretical idea of “two popes,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller writes on (January 11) referring to the present existence of a "pope" and an "pope emeritus."

German Catholicism: Woman Concelebrates At Midnight Mass

Dean Albin Krämer, the Retzbach parish-priest, Würzburg diocese, concelebrated Christmas Mass with a female pastoral assistant (video below).

Krämer and the lady took turns reciting a self-knit "eucharistic prayer."